Apex Legends Bug Permits Vantage and Horizon To Mix Talents


Apex Legends updates frequently bring new bugs to the game. But while last season’s bugs had a serious impact on gameplay, many of Season 14‘s bugs have proven to be both helpful and hilarious. Such is the case for a new bug that allows Horizon to attach her Black Hole ultimate ability to Vantage’s tactical Echo Relocation ability. The result? A flying black hole that can chase fleeing enemies and suck them into Horizon’s drone.

Horizon’s ultimate ability is not meant to be mobile, and Echo is not intended to cause damage to the player, meaning those who make use of the bug are giving their squad a pretty significant leg up on the competition (especially when facing off with enemy Vantage and Horizon players who are not exploiting the bug). Still, much like the bug that turns Newcastle into a one-man ambulance, this one is pretty tame compared to previous bugs.

This is far from the first time Apex has encountered bugs that allowed legends to blend abilities. Shortly after the game was released in February 2019, players discovered they could stick Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection on top of Lifeline’s DOC drone, allowing the shield to be moved by nudging the drone. Players were also able to stick Caustic’s barrels of Nox Gas on Gibraltar’s gun shield and attach Rampart’s minigun to Crypto’s drone, among other amusing ability mashups.

Respawn certainly understands the gravity of the situation when it comes to bugs leading to unbalanced gameplay, and will likely patch the bug quickly due to how easily it can disrupt matches. As such, any players hoping to try it out for themselves should take ad-vantage of this bug before it’s gone for good, but it’s best to be a good sport and test this bug out in the Firing Range instead of using it against unsuspecting opponents. After all, real legends abide by the official Apex Games rulebook (except for Bloodhound, who evidently doesn’t care to heed the “no weapons on the dropship” rule).

Apex Legends is free to play on console and PC. A mobile version of the game, Apex Legends Mobile, is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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