How to enable PS5’s 120 FPS setting on Modern Warfare 2 beta


Modern Warfare 2 on the PlayStation 5 offers console players a 120 frames-per-second experience. Here’s how you can enable 120 FPS on the Modern Warfare 2 beta for the PS5.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta brings a lot of new content for players, from new maps and modes, to a new slide cancel and Perk system.

This first taste of Modern Warfare 2 has provoked a lot of feedback from fans, with many wanting the original minimap to return. In addition, the beta has also left players pleasantly surprised with the amount of settings available on console, such as the FOV slider.

Payers have also noticed that the Modern Warfare 2 beta is capable of 120 frames-per-second on the PS5, so for those interested, here’s how you can enable the option.

How to enable 120 FPS on Modern Warfare 2 beta for PS5

First of all, you have to make sure that your screen is capable of 120 frames per second. If your screen’s Hz output is 120 or higher, then you will be able to enable this option.

Follow these steps in order to activate the 120 Hz option on PS5 for 120 frames on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beta:

  • On the PlayStation 5 Homescreen, head over to the settings on the top right
  • Select the Screen and Video tab
  • In the Video Output tab you will find a setting called ‘120 Hz Output’
  • Set this option to ‘Automatic’
  • Start up the Modern Warfare 2 beta and enjoy 120 FPS

You may get a blank screen upon loading up a game that allows 120 FPS, but don’t worry, as this is just the PS5 adjusting the screen settings in order to enable the option. Also, note that this will bring your resolution down to 1080p and sometimes 1440p depending on the game.

If this doesn’t work for you, luckily there is a workaround that Reddit user coopersdude has found. All you need to do is delete the saved data for the Modern Warfare 2 beta app on the PS5 through the Storage settings.

Players can also turn on Performance Mode on their PS5 through the Saved Data and Game/App settings under the Game Presets tab, which will prioritize frame rate over resolution.

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