Apex Legends Season 15 release date, release time, and everything we know about Eclipse


Apex Legends Season 15 is almost here! Titled Eclipse, it’s bringing a new Legend, a new map, and a long-awaited new feature to the game very soon.

This comes with the usual updates expected with any new season, including a new battle pass which is sure to bring a whole range of new cosmetics and challenges alongside it.

For those excited to jump into the new content as soon as it drops, this quick guide presents the Apex Legends Season 15 release time as well as everything we know so far that’s coming to the Eclipse season.

Watch the Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse trailer here!

Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse release time and date

The Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse release date is Tuesday, November 1.

In terms of the Apex Legends Season 15 release time, there’s sadly rarely ever clear messaging as to exactly when new Apex Legends Season will be dropping ahead of launch. However, the past few seasons have all gone live around the same time for almost a whole year now, so it’s safe to assume the below times will be the rough release time for Season 15.

  • USA West Coast: 10AM (PDT)
  • USA East Coast: 1PM (EDT)
  • UK: 6PM (BST)
  • Europe: 7PM (CEST)

Obviously, take all of the above with a grain of salt. These times are based on prior seasons, and therefore could change this time around.

What new features are coming in Apex legends Season 15 Eclipse?

New Legend: Catalyst

The new Legend in action.

Let’s start with the most obviously exciting addition to Apex Legends Season 15: Catalyst!

Catalyst is a new Legend joining the roster, a new range of abilities we’ve only glimpsed at via the Eclipse launch trailer we’ve embedded above. While we don’t have an official word as to what her abilities are, the trailer (as all prior launch trailers have done in the past) does give us plenty of hints as to what she’s able to do.

First, we see her shoot out a puddle of glack goo that trips up both Mad Maggie and Fuse, indicating some kind of CC ability.

We also see her put up a gigantic wall that Loba’s squad can’t see through at all, which strikes us as an obvious ultimate ability. Not only that, but when the super charged Octane tries to run through it, they’re clearly slowed right down to a snail’s pace. We also see that Loba’s scan doesn’t appear to work on the big wall, so perhaps it’s got true vision protection too.

While we can only guess at what Catalyst can do right now, if this season is like any of the prior ones, we’ll be sure to get a full gameplay breakdown in the coming days leading up to Apex Legends Season 15’s launch. Once we know for sure, we’ll update this piece with the appropriate info!

New map

We also know that a new map is on the way, but we currently don’t know about it except for it’s close ties to Boreas (the planet we first we introduced to when Loba was added to the game). We can take hints left on the official Apex Legends season 15 website, which states “In Boreas’ shadow, the newest home of the Apex Games gleams.”

In the launch trailer, we can see on a T.V Catalyst is watching the Apex Games are coming to Boreas’ moon, which featured heavily in the character trailer a few days ago. As such, it’s almost a certainty that the moon is our next destination

Apex legends map tease
For a few seconds, we see the Apex games are going to the moon!

As for what POIs and other cool additions we can expect, we don’t know yet! But, like Catalyst’s abilities, we’re sure to get further details in the coming days as more trailers are released. So pop back later for more details!


Via a post on the official Apex Legends website, we know that gifting is finally coming to the battle royale, which is launching alongside Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse.

You’ll be able to buy gifts with Apex Coins from the store, including single items and bundles which you can then send to friends in-game. You do have a 24 hour gift limit though, so don’t expect to be able to shower loved ones with weapon and character skins or anything like that.

In terms of requirements for gifting, you’ll need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must have login verification turned on
  • You must be account level 10
  • You must be in-game friends with gift recipients for 2 weeks
  • Both gifter and giftee must have accounts “in good standing”

Are you excited to jump into Apex Legends Season 15 Eclipse? Let us know below!

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