Modern Warfare 2 menu hints at round-based Zombies mode


Modern Warfare 2 contains many new game modes and ways to enjoy its FPS experience, but a screenshot may have just given an inclination that Zombies are also set to rise again.

We’re merely days away from the full release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 with the CoD community still reeling from an explosive campaign that was released early for players to get stuck into.

But as the dust begins to settle, players are now turning their attention to Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer portion of the game. With players already having a cheeky look at the game’s Gunsmith and Firing Range, they’re also eager to see what else is happening.

Thanks to a new leaked screenshot, it seems there could be even more content expected that was previously not hinted at.

Zombies coming to Modern Warfare 2?

Despite being a mainstay in the CoD series and appearing in most games, it seems like Zombies has not been on the menu for Modern Warfare 2.

There’s been no real talk of them coming and the devs have been tight-lipped on the appearance of any Zombies at all.

However, Reddit user Chicken769 has posted an interesting new image that would suggest potential undead content is on the way.

In it, we can see the new playlist menu UI that we got to see during the game’s beta. At the very end though, you can clearly see two icons that are described as “Round-Based Zombies” and “Outbreak.”

We should point out that there’s no real source for this picture or information from the OP on how they were able to obtain it.

Several users were all in favor of the concept though with one user saying: “Could be possible as this COD will be for 2 years. Would love to see it,” and another adding: “God, I hope so. Infinite Warfare Zombies just hit so different and it’s what made me fall in love with zombies in the first place.

Whether this is merely a case of leftover assets accidentally being kept in or a sign of things to come, news of CoD Zombies would be music to the ears of many. Round-Based is the classic form of Zombies that everyone knows, whereas Outbreak was Treyarch’s open-world format introduced in Black Ops Cold War.

If we did get Zombies, this would add to the ever-growing list of content in the next CoD cycle with the new DMZ mode on the way, along with Warzone 2.

Image Credit: Activision

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