Marvel Snap season 2 launches with Black Panther card, Wakanda locations


A new season of smash hit card-battling game Marvel Snap has arrived, bringing with it a new Black Panther card and a host of Wakanda-themed cosmetic updates. Marvel Snap’s new Warriors of Wakanda season takes over for the Symbiote Invasion season that focused on Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, and Carnage.

Developer Second Dinner and publisher Nuverse rolled out season 2 of Marvel Snap on Monday, alongside a new season pass. In addition to a brand-new card featuring Black Panther — a 5-Energy, 4-Power card that doubles its power on reveal — the new season includes variants for existing cards Nakia and Okoye (both of which seem to pair well with Black Panther), as well as new player icons and card backs.

Marvel Snap also gets four new locations: Shuri’s Lab, Warrior Falls, Vibranium Mines, and Wakandan Throne Room. Everything’s Black Panther and Wakandan-themed, naturally, in accordance with the release of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther: Wakanda Forever on Friday. Second Dinner chief development officer Ben Brode walks players through all the changes in the development update video above.

Marvel Snap launched in October. The free-to-play card game created by former Blizzard Entertainment and Hearthstone developers is available on Android, iOS, and Windows PC via Steam. Each season of Marvel Snap is expected to last about a month.

For hints on how to play Marvel Snap, check out Polygon’s starter tips, guide for beginners and pool 1 decks, and best decks for players who have reached pool 2.

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