Road 96: Mile 0 Prequel Arrives In April


Developer DigixArt and publisher Ravenscourt announced Road 96: Mile 0 will launch on April 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. It is a prequel to the game Road 96.

Road 96: Mile 0 follows Zoe, one of the main characters in the first game, and a character named Kaito from DigixArt’s first game, Lost in Harmany, who comes from the downtrodden Colton City. Zoe herself comes from a rich family as her father works as the Minister of Oil. The two characters form a friendship, and the game will explore the events leading up to the story of Road 96.

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The game is a narrative adventure with musical elements. Players will experience psychedelic musical rides, a mix of different rhythm-based gameplay, and narrative choices that will shape how the story unfolds.

“In Road 96: Mile 0, we wanted to show where Zoe is coming from and why she left her comfortable life,” said Yoan Fanise CEO of DigixArt in a press release. “But we didn’t create Mile 0 in a conventional way. We went the crazy route, using metaphorical music sequences where you ride along on the beliefs and doubts of Zoe and Kaito. The funny part is that YOU choose how you want them to evolve.”

In GameSpot’s Road 96 review, we said, “It’s a shame that Road 96’s great character writing is stuck within such restrictive framing, even if many of its most memorable dialogue sequences only work given that the premise has allowed for this assortment of personalities to intertwine.”

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