Destiny 2: Lightfall Trailer Shows Off New And Deadly Exotics


Destiny 2’s upcoming Lightfall expansion looks set to introduce some massive changes to the sci-fi sandbox, but if there’s one constant in that game, it’s that even the most powerful of primordial cosmic forces are no match for a gun. In a new trailer for Lightfall, Bungie has shown off some of the weaponry that you’ll be able to wield. These range from new Exotic weapons built using the unique technologies of Neomuna to new armor pieces that amplify the powers of the new Strand subclass.

Similarly to Beyond Light when the Stasis subclass was introduced, a number of these weapons will have Strand-energy attributes. Final Warning is a Strand sidearm that fires seeker rounds and Abeyant Leap is Exotic leg armor for Titans that unleashes a swarm of seeking projectiles when a Barricade is activated. Warlocks can create a threadling to infest and attack enemies after destroying a tangle generated from their Strand abilities using the Exotic leg armor Swarmers. According to Bungie, tangles can be used by players using Strand to weave objects and creatures, or for other purposes tied to weapons.

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Another weapon that looks terrific is the Stasis glaive Winterbite. This melee tool can freeze enemies on impact with frost orbs and leave them vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Void fans can use Deterministic Chaos to rhythmically weaken enemies, and Cyrtarachne’s Facade gives Hunters extra protection and enhanced flinch resistance when they use their grapple ability.

Interestingly, Quicksilver Zero has received an upgrade as well. The current version of the weapon, which was available as an early preorder bonus for Lightfall, is a triple-threat auto rifle that fires hard-hitting rounds, seeker rockets, and can transform into a deadly grenade launcher. As seen in the trailer, it’ll gain a new Strand ability that tangles enemies up with each grenade kill once it has been upgraded with its catalyst.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie is buffing Deepsight weapon-focusing, voting is open for a very creepy set of bug-themed seasonal armor, and a whole lot of legacy gear is going to be easier to obtain once Lightfall goes live.

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