PowerWash Simulator Is Cleaning Up Final Fantasy 7 In Next Crossover DLC


PowerWash Simulator has a new collaboration in the pipeline, with the next Square Enix crossover taking players to the dirty streets of Final Fantasy VII’s Midgar. A free download, the Midgar Special Pack will let players wield their nozzles against the grime that has built up on Tifa’s bar 7th Heaven in the Midgar slums, Cloud’s iconic Hardy-Daytona motorcycle, and a Shinra Guard Scorpion in a new special mission.

There’s no release date yet for this new pack, but for anyone looking to clean up in another game, the free Tomb Raider DLC is now available. While Lara Croft has new owners over at Embracer Group, her classic mansion and vehicles from her early adventures is on display in this small expansion. It includes five levels, lots of mud, and one very dirty T-Rex skeleton that you’re going to want to wash from a safe distance. You can never be too careful when dealing with Cretaceous-era apex predators, even if they’ve been reduced to just a menacing skeleton.

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Originally released on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One last year, PowerWash Simulator is also available on Switch, PS5, and PS4 from this week. In case you missed it when it first arrived, the FuturLab-developed Powerwash Simulator tasks you with cleaning up various locations and vehicles, upgrading your arsenal of grime-fighting tools along the way so that no dirty corner is out of reach.

One of GameSpot’s best PC games of 2022, Powerwash Simulator was featured in this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning charity.

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