Tom Hanks, Robin Wright To Be De-Aged With Tom Cruise Deepfake Tech For Next Movie


Forrest Gump stars Tom Hanks and Robin Wright are teaming up again with director Robert Zemeckis for a new movie in which the two leads will be de-aged using the technology behind those eerie Tom Cruise deepfake TikTok videos, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The movie is called Here, and it’s based on the Richard McGuire graphic novel. The novel takes place in one room and follows the same characters over numerous years.

The technology being used for the de-aging is an artificial intelligence system known as Metaphysic Live. Company boss Tom Graham announced this week that Metaphysic signed a deal with CAA to create technology and services for Hollywood studios for de-aging and presumably more.

CAA boss Joanna Popper said the Hollywood group will take an “ethics-first” approach anytime it uses the Metaphysic Live tools. Popper said such technology and systems could “unlock an incredible opportunity for the entertainment industry and beyond.”

“It is incredible to see Metaphysic’s AI-generated content flawlessly integrated into a shot live on set,” VFX supervisor Kevin Baillie said. “The actors can even use the technology as a ‘youth mirror’–testing out acting choices for their younger selves in real-time.”

Here, which also stars Paul Bettany and Kelly Reilly, is scheduled to come to theaters in 2024.

De-aging is, of course, nothing new in the world of cinema, as films like The Irishman, Captain Marvel, and Gemini Man have all used a form of the technology.

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