After 7 Weeks On Top, Avatar 2 Expected To Drop To No. 2 This Weekend At US Box Office


After an unreal seven weeks at the top of the box office, Avatar: The Way of Water is finally expected to drop to number two. The top spot next week is expected to go to thriller Knock At The Cabin.

According to Deadline, per tracking sources at 3,600 theaters, M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At the Cabin is expected to make $15-17 million over the weekend. Keep in mind that these numbers are from before the release of any reviews of the movie, which could affect the actual outcome. Reviews of the thriller have since released, and in keeping with Shyamalan’s recent releases, they range from high praise to broad pan.

Knock At The Cabin stars Johnathon Groff and Ben Aldridge as a couple vacationing with their adopted daughter. Strangers, played by Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Abby Quinn, arrive at their cabin, taking the family hostage. The strangers claims the family must sacrifice one of their three members, or else bring on the end of the world.

Avatar is still expected to hit double digits in its eighth weekend, which sets it up to overtake The Avengers in total domestic gross. In January, the sci-fi epic hit over $2 billion in total gross.

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