Daily Deepsight Weapon Focusing Is Now Available In Destiny 2


Destiny 2‘s latest patch has introduced daily Deepsight weapon focusing, meaning players can now nab four guaranteed “red-bordered” Deepsight weapons every day until the season ends on February 28.

Through the rest of the season, players can focus Deepsight weapons once per day from each of the four seasonal vendors, a feature that was previously limited to weekly. Focusing weapons will still require players to have the required Umbral Engram and Umbral Energy.

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The latest patch also included a buff to Iron Banner rank gains, to help players progress through the rewards without the PvP mode feeling like such a grind. The changes doubled mulitpliers for wearing Iron Banner gear, as well as “signifiantly increased” the multiplier for wearing an Iron Banner emblem. The multipliers for completeing challenges have been halved, however.

The patch also fixed a number of bugs, as well as adding a quality-of-life change to the Crucible’s Competitive Division where players will no longer lose division points in the case of losses where one or more players were missing from the start of the match.

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