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In Fire Emblem Engage, you can pair your units with the Divine Rings, each containing a Fire Emblem hero from past games. There are no restrictions on this system, allowing you to equip the rings to any unit you want, creating some interesting and powerful combinations. While experimentation is a great way to discover new powerful pairs, here are a few of the best classes to match with each Divine Ring in Fire Emblem Engage. Since you can change your units into different classes, the recommendations won’t include specific characters, but specific classes.


Marth is a sword wielder himself and many of his skills benefit sword wielders, both the inherited kind and the kind you get for having him paired with a unit. While any unit paired with Marth would gain his sword proficiency and be able to use one, his skills best match up with someone who is already great with a sword. This includes units like Divine Dragon, Swordmaster, Hero, Great Knight, Wolf Knight, and Successeur.

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Celica is a magic wielder, with her skills providing additional magic power and extra agility when wielding a tomb. Naturally, this means the Celica is best paired up with a magic-wielding class like Vidame, Sage, Mage Knight, and High Priest. Additionally, if you have a character with a high magic stat but no magic proficiency in their class, pairing them with Celica would allow them to wield tombs.


Sigurd is an odd one. Many of his bonus stats and skills are related to wielding lances, but that isn’t actually what he is best used for. Instead, being the only mounted unit out of the Divine Rings, he is best paired up with long-range attackers with low health, like Archers, Snipers, Sages, and other high damage/low-health units. The reason for this is that after attacking an enemy, any unit paired with Sigurd gets to move again, letting you get the weaker units in and out of enemy range easily.


Leif is a bit of an oddball due to some clashing skills of his. He has bonus skills for knife proficiency, but he also has bonuses for weapon type advantages, something knives don’t benefit from. His special weapon is an ax, as well, making him a bit strange. His best matchups are with hard hitting melee attackers, especially ones who use axes. This means classes like Berserker, Warrior, and General work best with Leif.


Similar to Marth, Roy is a sword wielder best matched up with another sword wielder. His bonus skills give additional strength and sword power, making for some hard hitting attacks. Roy is best matched with sword focused classes like Divine Dragon, Swordmaster, Hero, Great Knight, Wolf Knight, and Successeur.


Lyn is a bow user and many of her bonus skills go towards wielding a bow, but she is better used giving a unit the flexibility to wield a bow than matching her with someone who already uses one. Lyn, thanks to her special attack which is a long-range multi hit bow attack, is best used with a character that can maneuver around the map. Lyn is best matched with flying riding classes like Lindwurm, Griffin Knight, and Wyvern Knight.


Erike is another odd Divine Emblem, as she herself wields swords and her special weapons units can use when paired with her are swords, but her bonus skills don’t provide any bonuses to swords. Instead, her abilities are focused around Lances and dodging. In Eirka’s case, it’s best to match her with a Lance user and give them the ability to use swords. Classes like Picket, Avenir, Hero, Royal Knight, and General work best with Erika.


Ike is pretty easy to match up, since the majority of his skills are focused on defense and ax attacks. Since Ike provides some pretty hefty attack bonuses, if matched up with your strongest ax wielder, you can one-shot most enemies. Classes like Berserker, Warrior, and General work best with Ike.


Micaiah is a special unit, being the only healing focused Divine Emblem. Her bonus skills provide master of staffs and additional resistances. Unlike the other Divine Emblems, Micaiah isn’t best paired with a staff user because of her bonuses. Since the biggest factor in healing is the type of staff used and not individual staffs, Micaiah is best used to allow a unit who normally can’t heal, to heal. Micaiah is best paired with a non-healer unit.


Lucina is another character whose bonuses don’t quite match up with her outward appearance. Despite appearing as a sword user, all of her bonuses are best matched with a bow user. She has additional Dexterity and bow proficiencies, making her a perfect match for the Sniper class.


Corrin’s bonuses give a unit additional max health and extra sword focus, making her a solid match for your tankier sword wielders. Her special attack floods an area, making her useful for zoning enemies as well. Corrin doesn’t produce any overpowered combinations, but does provide some nice bonuses to sword wielding units like Divine Dragon, Swordmaster, Hero, Great Knight, Wolf Knight, and Successeur.


Byleth, being a former professor, is a jack-of-all-trades. He can provide additional XP to nearby units and has a ton of Luck bonuses. His only weapon proficiencies are for Arts (the melee attacks) but all of the bonuses are for accuracy. Ultimately, just having Byleth on the field will grant you most of his bonuses, like his special move, which grants extra strength to nearby units. Byleth can be paired with any class.

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