AI generated Seinfeld is taking over Twitch


In a twist of technology that only 30 Rock could have predicted, an AI-generated version of Seinfeld is now taking over Twitch. The stream, hosted by a channel called watchmeforever, uses generative artificial intelligence to create an infinite stream of Seinfeld-esque content online. The novel idea has taken root on the platform, and at time of publication, the stream has roughly 15,400 concurrent viewers.

The content comes at a time when generative AI seems to be cropping up everywhere. Here’s what you need to know about AI Seinfeld on Twitch.

What is AI Seinfeld?

AI Seinfeld is a Twitch stream that plays AI-generated content based on Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s ’90s comedic sitcom, Seinfeld. The characters are rendered with chunky 3D pixels, and look like they are in a video game version of the show. The voices are AI generated as well, and while they do bear some similarities with the original actors’ voices, they ultimately sound more like an auto-reader on a computer.

This AI-generated version of Seinfeld doesn’t really compare to the original, but you can definitely see the influence of the original show in snippets of this version. In one part of the stream I watched, the characters started talking about creating a place where they could make their own pizza crust, which appears to be connected to a bit in Seinfeld where Kramer gets a business idea to open a pizzeria where guests make their own pizzas.

One popular clip actually has decent dialogue. It’s titled, “Elaine goes out with a guy who hates fruit.” In it, Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George wander around Jerry’s apartment and talk about Elaine’s boyfriend who hates fruit and might be a “fruit-a-phobe.” However, the AI generation isn’t able to mimic the color and delivery of the actors, and it can be very difficult to tell who is saying what at points. You can view in the clip below.

Who is making the AI Seinfeld show?

The group making it is called Mismatch Media, and the people behind it describe themselves as “scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, technology professionals, and more,” on their website. Otherwise, the group appears somewhat reclusive, and it’s not clear who are the actual people behind the stream.

The group takes a rather pessimistic tone to the content it creates. On the Twitch page, a description of the stream reads, “Nothing, Forever is a show about nothing, that happens forever. Kinda like popular sitcoms of the past, except that it never stops.” The channel description promises to run 365 days a year and deliver new content “every minute.”

Polygon has reached out to Mismatch Media for comment, and will update the article if we receive a response.

Why are people watching the AI Seinfeld show?

Seinfeld is one of the most beloved and recognizable sitcoms of the past few decades, but the appeal goes beyond that. Viewing the AI generated show on Twitch allows people to partake in a unique online communal experience that can feel like live television, as people watch the characters act and react to the various scenarios in the world. Additionally, we get to watch and participate in the Twitch chat, which makes it more fun. (Like, yes, please spam the chat with the KomodoHype each time a character complains about a girlfriend or boyfriend.)

The stream also shows off what generative AI is capable of. It’s one in a long series of recently popular AI applications. ChatGPT, which can be used for a variety of applications like writing essays, became an overnight sensation due to its natural-language output. Other software like DALL-E, Midjourney, and Free AI Art Generator is being used to create memes and recreate the look of certain directors’ films. AI Seinfeld is just the next cursed step in the evolution of consumer AI.

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