Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Coffee Beans


Everyone likes a nice cup of java, so it makes sense that you’d want to find Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley and brew some for your character. Getting your hands on this cooking ingredient requires you to befriend a mischievous friend and complete a few quests, though, so read on to find out for the full scoop on Coffee Beans.

How to get coffee beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step towards getting Coffee Beans in Dreamlight Valley will require you to become friends with Stitch. It’s a somewhat complicated process that will take days to complete, so you’ll want to get started on that as quickly as possible if you haven’t met the blue menace yet.

Once you’re friends with Stitch, you’ll need to raise his friendship to level 4 and begin the quest “Very Sleepy Stitch.” However, this quest isn’t started by simply talking to Stitch–instead, you’ll need to head over to WALL-E’s garden and look for a white mug on the ground. Take this to WALL-E, who will then tell you to go speak with Stitch to start the quest proper.

Coffee Beans are used to make a variety of caffeinated beverages.

Stitch is feeling very sleepy and wants some coffee. He gives you a Coffee Sapling for you to nurse back to health, which you’ll then need to take back over to WALL-E, who will task you with finding some items.

  • 25x Pebbles
  • 25x Clay
  • 1x Sack

The pebbles and clay can be dug up in Sunlit Plateau, while the Sack can be crafted by using one Fiber and one Soil. When you’ve gathered these materials, go back and speak to WALL-E, then use a crafting station to fix up the Coffee Sapling.

With the revitalized sapling in your possession, head to the Glade of Trust, dig a hole, plant it there, and water it. In a little under an hour, a small shrub will finally sprout up, allowing you to harvest Coffee Beans, which you can use to make some unique caffeinated beverages. Don’t forget to finish Stitch’s quest, too!

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