Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces Encanto’s Mirabel and Frozen’s Olaf today


Disney Dreamlight Valley shared its roadmap for 2023 just recently, and already, the first of its future plans are unfolding. Today, February 6, players will be able to meet with both Encanto’s Mirabel and Frozen’s Olaf.

Have you met up with Buzz and Woody in Disney Dreamlight Valley yet?

Today’s update marks the planned February update for Disney Dreamlight Valley, and we won’t be receiving another one until April now. In an interview with Polygon, lead producer Manea Castet shares a few interesting bits of information about Dreamlight Valley, and how these updates have been coming together.

Olaf is described as having “some of the best quests they’ve designed yet,” which will expand upon the story of the Frosted Heights biome specifically. While Castet did not detail what these quests will include, he did point at The Lion King’s Scar and his quests.

These quests took us to a previously undiscovered part of the map; an underground mine where we sought out extra fizzy root beer and encountered new materials. Castet says, “that’s stuff we want to continue to be doing in the next update, exploring new areas of the valley.”

As for Encanto’s Mirabel and her arrival in Disney Dreamlight Valley, Castet described her as an “onboarding character,” meaning that she is someone players can encounter relatively early on in the game. And if you’ve seen Encanto, you might also remember their familial home of Casa Madrigal (also known as Casita), and the strange fact that it is sentient. Disney Dreamlight Valley isn’t forgetting about this, either!

Mirabel is going to “bring her own version of Casita to the game – a mini Casita,” and I don’t know about you, but I think a sentient, talking home will fit right in across the valley.

Last, but not least, today’s February update to Disney Dreamlight Valley also introduces a new Star Path. This particular season pass will focus on the 100th Anniversary of Disney, with Castet describing the assets as some of the “most beautiful” that the team has made. There’ll also be all-new furniture and decor, and even a brand-new pet who dons a cute hat that you can unlock as a companion.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in Early Access and is honestly a ball for anyone that adores life-simulation games, regardless of whether you’re a Disney adult or not. And if appearances from the characters of Encanto and Frozen aren’t for you, extraterrestrial Stitch also resides in the valley, alongside The Lion King antagonist, Scar.

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