Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s two part DLC will see you travelling around the world


At today’s Pokemon Presents, The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be receiving two pieces of DLC, due out this year.

Like with Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s DLC expansions will be a two parter, overall called The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. The first part, called The Teal Mask, is due out this autumn, taking you to a new area that looks like it will have quite traditional Japanese vibes. The second part, The Indigo Disk, looks to be more about studying, bringing you to a new school.

In the first part of the DLC, you’ll be visiting a new location called Kitakami on a school trip, and will feature a new legendary Pokemon that looks to be themed around a mask. Key art for this part shows off a couple of new characters, a boy and a girl, as well as three other Pokemon, a cat, a bird, and I honestly can’t tell what the last one is, but they’re all colour coded to the three main starter types, so maybe that’s the intention behind them.

The second part also sees you travelling, as an exchange student at Blueberry Academy. It’s less clear what you’ll be doing here, but judging from the trailer it will be a bit more battling oriented. You’ll also meet another legendary pokemon that looks like some kind of turtle, with images of all the different types on its back. Based on the name of the two parts (The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero), it’ll have something to do with the end section of the base game.

Each part will also re-introduce some Pokemon that weren’t found in the base game, like Milotic and Ninetales in part one, and Metagross and Seel in the second part. Pokemon Home functionality was also confirmed to be coming in early 2023, as well as connectivity to Pokemon GO, so you’ll soon be able to get those Gimmighoul’s.

New paradox Pokemon were also shown off which will be added as Tera Raids: Walking Wake, a water/ dragon type Pokemon clearly based off of Suicune for Pokemon Scarlet, and Iron Leaves, a grass/ psychic type obviously based on Virizion for Pokemon Violet.

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