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Sons of the Forest has many surprises that await you. One of these is Virginia, a woman wearing a bathing suit, who shows up out of the blue. What’s peculiar is that she has three arms and three legs, as she’s a mutant. If you do the right thing, she might just end up joining you. Here’s our guide to help you befriend Virginia, the Mutant Lady, so she can become your companion in Sons of the Forest.

Where to find Virginia in Sons of the Forest

If you want to make Virginia a companion in Sons of the Forest, the number one rule is to avoid attacking or killing her. She appears early in the campaign, around Day 2. You’ll likely stumble upon her as you go back to the helicopter crash site. If you have a weapon in your hand, she’ll raise her arms to defend herself, though she’ll also run away. In fact, if you attempt to go near her, she’ll simply escape.

Virginia shows up near the helicopter crash site early in the campaign. Don’t attack or kill her. Don’t even chase her around.

Since Virginia is the so-called “mutant lady” in Sons of the Forest, you might mistake her for a hostile. If you try to attack, she’ll go down to a wounded state. You can revive her, but she’ll still make a run for it. This may affect how she perceives you down the line. Conversely, if you end up killing her, she’ll be gone for good.

How to befriend Virginia and make her trust you

The helicopter crash site is the first area where you’ll encounter Virginia, though she can also appear on the beach (the one without a cave), as well as the cascading waterfalls/Riverlands. The latter location is how we recruited her. It’s close to a green marker, the cave with the Rope Gun/Cross, and the pond with the Stun Baton. It’s technically the area shown in a promotional image that features her.

Virginia can also appear in the Riverlands area of the map where you can pick up the Stun Baton.
Virginia can also appear in the Riverlands area of the map where you can pick up the Stun Baton.

Here’s how you can befriend Virginia and make her a companion in Sons of the Forest:

  • Once you’ve picked a location where she spawns, build a tent (i.e., 1x Tarp and 1x Stick). This will be your save point and rest area. The whole process requires several days, so make sure you’ve got enough food and water.
  • If you see her, don’t approach her. Just let her stare at you until she leaves. Then, save and sleep in your tent.
  • After a couple of in-game days, she might walk closer toward you. She’ll also start dancing and frolicking around, which is your cue that she’s getting used to your presence. Again, don’t go to her. Instead, move away, save, and sleep.
  • If you do it correctly, the next time she appears, she’ll hand over some blueberries. You’ll also see a button prompt to interact with her. That’s it, Virginia is now a full-fledged companion in Sons of the Forest.
Give her weapons and a GPS Tracker to ensure that you always know where she is.
Give her weapons and a GPS Tracker to ensure that you always know where she is.

Companion actions and known issues

Here are a few more tidbits regarding the Sons of the Forest Virginia companion character:

  • Since this entire process takes place outdoors, there’s a chance that mutants and cannibals will start appearing. If you’re able to, you need to kill them while Virginia isn’t around. Otherwise, the part of her script where she gives you blueberries might get bugged if she’s attacked by hostiles. Upon testing, this will break the hidden trigger to make her a companion. Since she didn’t respawn anymore, we had to reload an earlier save.
  • Unlike Kelvin, you can’t give orders to Virginia, though she’ll normally follow you around (with some caveats noted below).
  • Even better, she can actually take out enemies. Simply open her inventory and give her the Pistol and Shotgun (if you already have them).
  • You can also give her a GPS Tracker so she appears on your map. This rewards you with the “Every Move You Make” achievement.
  • Giving her a GPS Tracker is almost an absolute necessity. While she does follow you, she can’t enter caves or maintenance rooms. If left idle, she’ll wander around, and you’d have a hard time looking for her if she doesn’t have an icon.
  • Virginia can wear some outfits, such as a Summer Dress. You can find it in the VIP Keycard area.

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