Watch today’s Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents live stream here


The pokemon Day livestream is today, which means there’s going to be a wave of new news related to upcoming pokemon games, products, and other exciting stuff in the immediate future!

The show starts in less than an hour! Thankfully, you can watch today’s Pokemon Day Pokemon Presents live stream here.

A new exciting update recently hit Pokemon Go!

Pokemon Day — Pokemon Presents live stream

Pokemon Presents is a dedicated reveal stream of all things pokemon, showing off new projects the team has been working on for the first time. If you’re a Pokemon fan, it’s a must-see event.

The Pokemon Presents show is being livestreamed from the official Pokemon Youtube channel, which we’ve embedded below:

Watch all the new reveals right here!

As for what to expect, it’s largely a mystery right now! We’ve only recently gotten a new Pokemon game with Violet and Scarlet, which was either a brilliant it of open world fun or a buggy nightmare depending on who you ask. Either way, it seems a little too ealy for a major new title, so your guess is as good as ours in regard to what we’re going to see!

But let us know down below what you’re hoping for! Or, if the livestream has wrapped up, tell us what you enjoyed the most from the show!

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