Surprise — Destiny 2 servers are exploding with the launch of Lightfall


Destiny 2 servers are under siege with the launch of Lightfall, leading to maby players running into a lengthy one moment please loading screen. With thousands looking to dive into the new content, they find themselves sitting on their hands for longer than they’d hope.

Launches of online video games expansions, especially MMOs like Destiny 2, are usually a rocky event. However there’s nothing like being a part of the first wave on release day. This has caused a gigantic wave of players to assault the servers at once, causing these queues.

Watch the Destiny 2 launch trailer here!

“Hopefully, I will get to play soon. Took the day off of work. Been playing “One Moment Please…” simulator the game for almost an hour now. So far, 0 / 10 wouldn’t recommend.” writes Luke Hall on Twitter. It’s a classic tragic tale, familiar to many an MMO fan. Booking valuable time off work only to sit unable to play. A good excuse to touch grass or do some chores sure, but that’s not really in the spirit of the event.

Others are running into different issues. One user claims to have crashed and thrown back into the queue ruthlessly. Others aren’t even lucky enough to get a one moment please message, stuck connecting to the game with no end in sight.

For Xbox players it gets event worse. A known bug has forced some players on that platform to uninstall preior DLC in order to boot the game with Lightfall’s launch. It’s safe to say there’s plenty of holes to be plugged right now.

Are you running into any issues? Let us know below!

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