Destiny 2 Action Figure Locations: Where To Find Lightfall’s Hidden Collectibles


Destiny 2‘s Lightfall expansion has dropped and players are no doubt scouring Neomuna’s neon-soaked city streets and roofs for secrets. Among them are new action figure collectibles that are modeled after Neomuna’s favorite Cloudstrider, Nimbus, and are scattered across the war-torn city, reminiscent of Witch Queen’s hunt for Lucent Moths. As of now, players can only find the first two, meaning that the rest will likely be rolled out on a weekly basis, and players will want to find them all since it’s necessary for completing the Lightfall Triumph and getting the accompanying title.

First of all, players can find hints as to where to look for these action figures right by the landing zone where Nimbus is on Neomuna. Once you drop into the city itself, a building just off to the right with neon signage will have a door that reveals a room with displays all over the place. Once you find the action figures, they’ll be shown off in this room. A pair of displays have clues that point players to the general area where they’ll find the figures and give some indication as to where they’re hiding and how to find them. Here’s where and how to find all of Neomuna’s hidden action figures:

Ahimsa Park

The Ahimsa Park hint reads: “At the center of Ahimsa Park, find an unexpected hideaway beneath the stairs.” The figure in Ahimsa Park, Neomuna’s eastern zone, is hiding in a giant central building that players should be able to spot the second they get there.

Head right into this building to find the stairs you’re looking for.
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Head inside the building and look for an L-shaped staircase. If you eye it from the ground at he bottom of the stairs, you’ll notice there’s a pretty sizeable gap between it and the rock the stairs are built on, making a small cave. Jump in there and head to the very back of the cave, where you should find your first Nimbus action figures.

Irkalla Complex

The hint for the Irkalla Complex action figure reads: “Atop the towering rampart, three stalwart defenders stand watch. From muzzle to target; ready, aim—fire!” Buckle up though, because you’re going to need to finish the Lightfall campaign to access the action figure here as this takes place in a setting at the end of the story. Once you’ve beaten the campaign, you’ll be able to access a door that was previously inaccessible, letting you get to the spot where you’re going to need to piece together this riddle. Grab a sniper for this one and get ready for the journey to the Irkalla Complex.

You’re going to want to head into the main section of Neomuna, Zephyr’s Concourse, and look for turnstiles bathed in green light on a raised platform on the western side of the map. Going past the turnstiles will take you into Esi Terminal and you’re going to want to follow the path until you arrive at the other end where a bunch of Cabal are posted up.

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Immediately head to the left from this opening, you will spot a door on yet another raised platform and go through it. Once you’re inside, take the right path to the very end and take the exit on the right. You will be overlooking a path of balconies heading down, follow that path until you spot the portal and go through it, where it will take you to the Irkalla Complex.

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Once you’re here, you can either go through the hole in the wall and climb it from the inside or use your Strand powers to scale it from the outside. Either way, you want to get on top of the outer wall, where you’ll spot three turrets pointing in different directions. Equip your sniper if you haven’t already, climb on each turret and aim at the sky in the same directions as them. It may take some searching, and you may have to look away and then back, but eventually you should spot a darkness crystal in the cannon’s directions. Shoot it and jump onto the next cannon to do the same. Once you’ve taken out all three crystals, the action figure will appear at your feet on top of the cannon.

We’ll keep updating this guide as more collectibles roll out in the weeks to come. In the meantime, if you’re looking for more things to do, check out our Lightfall and Season of Defiance guides, including tips on how to get through Lightfall’s legendary campaign and where to find Neomuna’s regional chests.

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