Destiny 2 Players Literally Glow After Ranking Up in Lightfall


If you’ve been walking around the Tower in Destiny 2 recently, you may have noticed a few guardians emitting a golden glow. No, your game was not glitching out. It turns out that Bungie has introduced a new way to show love to players rising through the ranks of Destiny 2’s new Guardian Rank system.

According to Ben Platnick, a VFX artist at Bungie, players who complete all of the objectives listed under their next rank and take part in “rank-up ceremonies” glow golden for an undetermined amount of time so players can celebrate them. The effect is similar to the halo that used to sit above players heads when they completed Nightfalls before it was removed.

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Currently, it’s unclear if this golden effect happens every time players rank up or for specific ranks.

Guardian Ranks are part of a larger overhaul of UI elements, including the ability to finally have loadouts, a feature added to Destiny 2 with its latest expansion, Lightfall. Guardian Ranks, which currently go up to rank 11, contain objectives within them that more or less guide players through Destiny’s often confusing amount of activities and goals, and rank them according to how much of it respective players have accomplished.

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