Is Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite? Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks


Fortnite players are eager to see the next major crossover, and new leaks hint at Epic Games introducing a collaboration with the popular anime Attack on Titan in Chapter 4, Season 2.

Fortnite has crossed over with some of the biggest franchises in video games, movies, and TV, including popular anime series like Naruto as well as Dragon Ball Super. However, one popular anime franchise has yet to arrive in the battle royale title.

Anime fans have been eager to see an Attack on Titan crossover arrive, and new leaks suggest that a crossover is in the works for Chapter 4 Season 2. This begs the question, is Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite?

Is Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite?

While there’s no official confirmation yet, fans became convinced that Attack on Titan is coming to Fortnite thanks to leaks from data miner Shiina.

With Chapter 4 Season 2 set to begin on March 10, Shiina along with prominent leaker HYPEX claimed in a leak that the new Battle Pass will bring a secret cosmetic skin for the main protagonist of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager.

Both leakers also claimed that a new Mythic item known as the “Waist Grappler” will be part of the crossover. This could be referencing the Omni-directional Mobility Gear that Scouts use to traverse and move around in Attack on Titan.

If this is true then players could have a new way to traverse the map while getting away from the storm, similar to the Nimbus Cloud that arrived as part of the Dragon Ball Super crossover in Fortnite.

Shiina discovered the background for encrypted skins with the codename ‘Rumble’ after the 20.20 update. This quickly caught Attack on Titan fans’ eye thanks to the cel-shaded style and color scheme reminding them of AOT’s logo and opening credits.

Plus, fans immediately linked the ‘Rumble’ codename with The Rumbling from Attack on Titan, a major earth-shaking event from the manga and anime. Of course, Rumble is just a codename, so it may be too obvious of a connection.

Of course, this is all speculation that has yet to be officially confirmed. Attack on Titan fans have long been hoping to see a Fortnite collaboration, and we’ll be sure to update you as soon as one has been officially confirmed.

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Image Credit: Epic Games / Hajime Isayama / Kodansha

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