James Cameron Hosted Avatar 2 Follow-Up Showing To Get Honest Feedback From Fans To Help Shape Sequels


Avatar writer-director James Cameron recently hosted a special screening of Avatar: The Way of Water with the aim of gathering honest, unfiltered feedback to help make the sequels better.

The event took place February 16 at the Disney Studios lot in Burbank, and featured both Cameron and producer Jon Landau. Cameron has never hosted an event like this before.

“This is something we’ve never done, which is [ask], ‘How do we make the next film even better for the fans?’ Go talk to them, find out what’s on your mind,” Cameron said, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “You guys can be totally honest with us, this is not just about telling us stuff we want to hear. It’s about telling us the stuff we … need to work on more.”

Someone who was in attendance uploaded audio from the Q&A with Cameron and Landau (listen below). They said the event was “extremely casual and intimate,” with Cameron passing the microphone to those in the audience for either praise or critiques of The Way of Water.

“Both Cameron and Landau gave the audience plenty of new insights into the storytelling and filmmaking process and answered many fans’ undying questions of the film’s loose ends and future installments in the franchise,” the person said.

According to THR, fans asked Cameron and Landau about the Avatar franchise’s overarching narrative as well as more specific points like how The Way of Water’s higher frame rate in some scenes made the movie look “video-gamey.”

Wrapping things up, Cameron said, “I just want to assure you guys that you have made a measurable improvement to Avatar 3 and beyond with your effort here tonight.”

The Way of Water is nominated for Academy Awards this year, including Best Picture. The film is the No. 3 highest-grossing movie in history, with $2.26 billion, only trailing Avengers: Endgame ($2.8 billion) and Avatar ($2.92 billion).

Avatar 3, which will introduce evil Na’vi characters, is set for release in December 2024. Beyond that, Cameron has plans for Avatar 4 and Avatar 5.

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