Wo Long is already Team Ninja’s biggest ever Steam launch, despite PC port issues


The past few hours have been good to legendary developer Team Ninja. The studio just launched Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty on all platforms, but its performance on PC is especially notable.

The PC version, available on Steam, the Windows Store, as well as PC Game Pass, is topping the charts on Valve’s platform, far exceeding any previous release from Team Ninja, or publisher Koei Tecmo.

Watch two Team Ninja fiends try to convince James to like Wo Long.

As of this writing, Wo Long has so far peaked at nearly 74,000 concurrent players on Steam – per SteamDB, a figure that continues to climb every few minutes. This currently places the action RPG just one spot shy of Steam’s top 15 most played games.

As more and more players pick up the game and start playing it, the numbers will get better, and Wo Long may even end up somewhere in the top ten. Unsurprisingly, this has been the result of strong sales for the game on Valve’s platform, solid critical reception, and follows on from the recent demo’s 57,500 peak concurrent.

Wo Long is currently Steam’s third best-selling game globally, one spot behind the hit, Sons of the Forest. That’s a particularly impressive place for it to be, considering its $60 price, and availability on Game Pass day one.

Indeed, looking at Team Ninja, and Koei Tecmo’s history on Steam, Wo Long is by far the pair’s most successful Steam launch, exceeding Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition’s 41,325 peak, the previous record-holder.

Wo Long offers the studio’s most streamlined co-op experience.

Unfortunately, as the number of players continues to rise, so too does the volume of negative reviews. Wo Long currently sits at a Mostly Negative Steam rating, based on over 2,500 user reviews.

Most of the reviews bemoan the state of the PC port, which is sadly something of a running theme with Team Ninja, and Koei Tecmo. Although Wo Long’s PC port is better out of the gate compared to many of the studio’s past projects, it still suffers from major issues.

Crashes, problems launching the game in incorrect resolutions, stuttering, low framerate despite adequate hardware, and random white flashes are all among the port’s reported problems. There’s also a tendency for Wo Long to be stuck at 720p resolution, particularly when more than a single GPU (including virtual GPUs) is present.

DLSS support, which was advertised ahead of launch, won’t actually arrive until sometime later in a future patch. It also looks like mouse and keyboard support is subpar at best, with sub-standard layouts, sluggish mouse movement and the like.

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