Tekken 8’s latest trailer gives us the low down on Jin Kazama


Bandai Namco is keeping that Tekken 8 hype going, with a new trailer that’s all about series mainstay Jin Kazama.

Last week we were treated to a new trailer showing off Kazuya, Jin’s father and the series’ main antagonist since Tekken 3. We got a small look at Jin in that trailer, but it was mostly just of him getting dunked on by his dad. The tables have turned with this latest trailer though, as it’s all about Jin showing off what he can do. Once again the stage setting is a very cool looking, alternate universe version of New York’s Times Square.

Jin looks like he’s going to be quite the heavy hitter just like his old pap pap, offering a flurry of punches, some of which seem to feature some new moves. It also looks like there’s going to be some influence from his Devil Jin form in his moveset, which possibly implies that version of him won’t return as a playable character, but we’ll have to wait for the full roster obviously (plus there’s definitely going to be some DLC characters, as there are in every fighting game these days).

We’re also going to have to wait to see what the community’s verdict on the game is, because no one’s had a chance to have any hands-on time with the game so far. Any concerns that players might have are hard to gauge until anyone actually plays the thing. Evo Japan is coming up at the end of the month though, so there’s always the chance we’ll hear of an opportunity to try out the game soon enough.

Tekken 8 was first teased last year, and we haven’t seen a huge amount of it yet, nor do we have a release date, but we do know it will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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