Ellie Wants To “Finish What We Started” In The Last Of Us Season 1 Finale Trailer


Joel and Ellie’s journey across the country will soon come to an end in The Last of Us season finale. The pair are seen entering Salt Lake City in the trailer for the ninth episode, where they continue to search for the Fireflies. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The teaser only features lines of dialogue from Ellie. She begins the preview by saying, “After all we’ve been through, it can’t be for nothing.” This is followed by a grenade of some sorts (most likely chemical or smoke) landing at their feet. The trailer cuts away from the explosion.

Afterward, Joel is seen searching on his own through what is likely a hospital. The medical establishment serves as the setting for the climax of the video game, hence assuming that’s the locale in this Last of Us season finale trailer.

The Episode 9 preview finishes with Ellie and Joel together. The teen says, “There’s no halfway with this, we finish what we started.” This interaction presumably happens before the duo enter Salt Lake City proper and the final events unfold.

The Last of Us reached 1 billion minutes streamed in a week about a month ago. And season two of the HBO series could start filming later this year. This first season has closely followed the first part of the video game series.

The season finale of The Last of Us will air this Sunday on HBO.

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