I’m a Virgo is about a 13-foot-tall dude, who is also a Virgo by the way


I’m a Virgo looks like a touching coming-of-age comedy — with the added bonus that the leading character is 13 feet tall.

From Sorry to Bother You director Boots Riley, I’m a Virgo centers on Cootie (played by When They See Us’ Jharrel Jerome), a young man growing up in Oakland, California. Due to his gigantic height, Cootie has stayed pretty sheltered for his whole life. The trailer reveals that his parents decided to keep him indoors, because the world just isn’t ready for a 13-foot-tall dude. (Which, valid).

We see glimpses of Felix throughout his life, which reveals he was always just ginormous. But one day, he finds his way outside and it’s a story of 13-foot-tall boy meets world.

Where does the Virgo part come in, you might ask? Well, towards the end of the trailer, Felix says that because he’s a Virgo, which means he’s adventurous — so of course he’s up for an unspecified romp. (Not sure how that accurate that is astrologically, to be honest!)

I’m a Virgo is coming soon to Prime Video. An exact release date has not yet been specified.

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