Destiny 2: Lightfall – Turn Your Warlock Into An Unraveling Wizard With This Strand Build


Strand has become one of the most interesting subclasses in Destiny 2: Lightfall, thanks not only to its wild mobility options, but also its potential to deliver some of the most devastating offense in all of Destiny 2. For Warlocks, Strand has become a new system with which to summon a small army of Threadlings that can be let loose on the battlefield, but another build shows just how effective this subclass is at immobilizing and destroying anything that gets in your way. For a more general idea of how to use the subclass, you can check out our Strand breakdown.

This particular build is focused on two specific effects with Strand combined with two key Exotics, and if you’ve got the right gear in your inventory, it’ll absolutely annihilate anything in front of you and it pairs extremely well with team-based builds. Here’s how you can turn your Warlock into a master of unraveling enemies.

The key strategy behind this build is to apply Suspend and Unravel debuffs to enemies. Suspend will keep your enemies locked in place when you generate a web of psychic energy to hold them, while Unravel creates projectiles as you do damage to your target, creating projectiles that seek out targets and damage them further.

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