Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within: New Mode, Maps, Battle Pass, And More


New Halo Infinite content is here. Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within has officially launched today, March 7, and that means players are getting loads of new content, such as a new battle pass, two free narrative events, a new Fractured limited-time event, maps, and more. After another lengthy season, here’s everything you’ll need to know about Season 3 Echoes Within–the biggest Halo Infinite update to date, according to 343.

New maps

Three new maps have been introduced this season. The first one, Oasis, is a Big Team Battle map and will feature many vehicles for players, such as Warthogs, Ghosts, and Wasp. The other two maps, Chasm and Cliffhanger, are Arena maps and will be more condensed for close-quarters combat.

Oasis is the latest BTB map in Halo Infinite.

New weapon and equipment

The player’s arsenal has been updated. Players can now use a new UNSC gun called the Bandit Rifle. This gun is similar to the single-shot DMR in Halo Reach, but the major difference between the two weapons is that the Bandit Rifle doesn’t have a scope. The other new item that players can use is the Shroud Screen. This is the Halo Infinite version of a smoke grenade. When thrown, it covers the immediate area, with a blue ora around it. When the blue ora is up, players can shoot through it, but it can also be used as a tactical item because players can hide inside the Shroud and wait for their enemies to walk in and kill them.

The Bandit Rifle is the latest weapon to be added in Halo Infinite.
The Bandit Rifle is the latest weapon to be added in Halo Infinite.

Escalation Slayer

In Escalation Slayer, players will have to kill one another with a specific load-out of weapons, and each time they get a kill, their load-out will change, similar to how Gun Game works in other shooters. Once they reach the final load-out and kill someone with an Oddball, they’ll win the game. Listed below are all the weapon load-outs.

  • Rocket Launcher, Cindershot, Repulsor
  • Energy Sword, Gravity Hammer, Grappleshot
  • Sniper Rifle, Skewer, Threat Sensor
  • Hydra, Ravager, Repulsor
  • Bulldog, Needler, Grappleshot
  • Battle Rifle, Commando, Threat Sensor
  • Shock Rifle, Stalker Rifle, Drop Wall
  • Heatwave, Sentinel Beam, Thruster
  • Bandit, Assault Rifle, Drop Wall
  • Mangler, Sidekick, Threat Sensor
  • Oddball, Shroud Screen
In Escalation Slayer, you'll need to kill an enemy with the Odd Ball to win.
In Escalation Slayer, you’ll need to kill an enemy with the Odd Ball to win.

New battle pass

With the new season, players can expect a new battle pass. There’ll be over 100 items for players to unlock, and if they purchase the battle pass, they’ll be able to unlock all of the premium items featured in it. In addition to the new battle pass, there’ll also be two new Armor Cores that players can use.

Limited-time events

Season 3, Echoes Within, will have three limited-time events. Two will be narrative-driven following the events after Season 2 Lone Wolves. The other one is another Fractured event in which players can unlock specific gear they can’t get anywhere else.

That’s everything you need to know about Halo Infinite Season 3 Echoes Within. Good luck out there, Spartans!

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