Master Chief Wishes Master Chief A Happy Belated Birthday


He may be a day late, but that’s probably okay when you’re wishing yourself a happy birthday. That’s the case here with Master Chief voice actor Steve Downes, who belatedly celebrated Spartan 117’s milestone today. Officially, the Chief’s birthday is March 7.

Downes shared a video on Twitter to mark the special occasion. He admitted that Chief’s age is debatable but likes to think the Spartan has hit the big 5-0. Downes ends the clip by saying, “A milestone for the big fellow. Long may we run.” He then takes a sip out of a Master Chief coffee mug before adding he needs a birthday cake.

Developer 343 Industries may not have had a cake for Master Chief yesterday, but the studio did have a huge update for Halo Infinite by launching Season 3 Echoes Within. There is a new 100-tier battle pass, maps, mode, and more. The Halo Season 3 patch notes also detail other changes and improvements too.

Looking ahead, Sean Baron, the head of live performance at 343, has promised more consistency with upcoming seasons for Halo Infinite. “I feel very confident with where we’ve gone with Season 3, and I have very strong confidence that we’re going to be able to keep improving that consistency, and avoid, completely, the long seasons of the past,” Baron said.

Season 2 of Halo Infinite premiered over 300 days ago, so the wait for Season 3 was notably long.

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