Yellowjackets season 2 trailer reveals cult leader Lottie, scarred Van


The second season of Yellowjackets is almost here, and the latest trailer for the pulse-pounding TV series shows us what Lottie Matthews has been up to since the ’90s plane crash that left only a few traumatized teen girl survivors resorting to cannibalism in the northeastern American wilderness.

Apparently, in the years since surviving that traumatic experience and growing up, Lottie has been leading a large group of people in what looks like a cult. Actress Simone Russell will bring a truly haunted vibe to the role, letting a few tears leak from her eyes in the trailer as she says, “I thought we left it there when we were rescued. But now I realize, we brought it back with us.”

Speaking of haunted, this trailer debuts a song that is a perfect example of trailercore; it’s a creepy, slowed-down version of No Doubt’s pop rock hit “Just a Girl” from 1995, performed by Florence and the Machine. The cover is now available to stream on all major music platforms.

But let’s get back to this trailer, shall we? In addition to adult Lottie Matthews, we get to see adult Van, played by Lauren Ambrose with some impressive scar makeup on her face; Taissa (Tawny Cypress) apparently shows up to see Van now that both are adults. It appears as though Taissa and Van might have a romantic rekindling this season — or at least, they apparently get close enough to engage in a consoling hug!

The trailer also shows us a snippet of conversation from a brand-new character played by Elijah Wood, who tells adult Misty (played by Christina Ricci), “Everybody’s hiding something!” The first season of the show proved as much, and the second season is poised to see the show’s heroines unraveling more details about their shared traumatic past, even as loose threads like “What happened to Lottie?” get tied up.

Season 2 of Yellowjackets premieres on March 26 on Showtime.

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