Exoprimal will be available on Game Pass day one


Exoprimal will be available on Game Pass day one. This means on July 14, when the game launches, you won’t have to bust out the wallet to play Capcom’s upcoming Coop PvE shooter.

Announced during the Capcom Spotlight Showcase, the game also has an open beta from 17 – 19th of March. This open beta will be available on all platforms, so check it out however you can!

Watch the Exoprimal release date trailer here!

The last major update for Exoprimal shown during the Capcom Spotlight Showcase was the Survival Pass — a battle pass with both free and premium tiers that players will be able to progress through. There is no price set for the premium pass as of writing.

The game had previously had a closed network test out in the wild, which had press, influencers, and regular people try the game out for the first game. However this is the first time anyone and everyone can jump in and try the game out.

It is worth noting that the first beta period for Diablo 4 is also going ahead between 17 – 19 March, so Exoprimal might struggle to stay in the limelight. These are two drastically different games of course, but you only have so much time to try these early games out, right?

Whether Capcom’s Jurassic venture into live service will be a success remains to be seen, but they at least get points for doing something distinct from the horde of tactical modern FPS games that have been piling up over the last few years.

Will you be trying the game out? Let us know below!

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