Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 Augments List: 7 New Augments Revealed


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, dubbed Fortnite Mega, brings a fresh new look to the island, along with new neon-coated points of interest. Along with new map spots, there are new skins, weapons, vehicles, and Reality Augments. Reality Augments were introduced in the previous season, giving players small boosts throughout each map, randomly offering up a choice between two of them. With the new season come new Reality Augments, which can give you the edge you need to snag a Victory Royale.

All seven new Reality Augments

To kick off Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, Epic has introduced seven new Reality Augments. Dumpster Diving causes loot to spawn near a hiding spot, like dumpsters or portable toilets, after exiting them. Treasure Hunter marks nearby treasure chests whenever you enter a POI for the first time. Slap Surplus causes a Slap Juice to spawn in every chest you open. Munitions Slide grants medium ammo while you are sliding.

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Here is the full list of new augments:

  • Dumpster Diving: Loot will spawn nearby when you leave a hiding place. Can occur once per hiding place.
  • Treasure Hunter: Nearby Chests are marked the first time you enter a POI.
  • Slap Surplus: Find a Slap Juice in every Chest you open. If the Chest already had a Slap Juice, it’ll have an extra one!
  • Munitions Slide: Gain medium ammo while sliding.
  • Medium Ammo Amp: Your weapons using medium ammo will have an increased magazine size.
  • Shotgun Recycle: Weapons using Shotgun ammo have a chance not to consume ammo.
  • Dignified Finish: Eliminations refresh a cooldown for the Kinetic Blade’s Dash Attack.

All returning Reality Augments

Of course, those aren’t the only Reality Augments that will be available in Chapter 4 Season 2 of Fortnite, as there are nine returning Reality Augments. Chug Gunner gives you a Chug Cannon, More Parkour regenerates energy after mantling or hurdling, and Light Fingers lets you reload light ammo faster.

Below is the full list of returning Reality Augments:

  • Light Fingers: Reload light ammo faster.
  • Sniper Surplus: Sniper Rifles gain one extra ammo in its magazine.
  • Aerialist: Gain the ability to deploy your glider.
  • Chug Gunner: Receive a Chug Cannon.
  • Jelly Angler: Receive a fishing rod that only catches Jellyfish.
  • Bloodhound: Enemies hit by a Marksman Rifle or Bow are briefly marked.
  • Shadow Striker: Become able to find Shadow Bombs from containers.
  • More Parkour: Your energy regenerates briefly after mantling or hurdling.
  • Keymaster: Grants two Keys for opening Holo-Chests.

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