Wah! Check out these Wario Day gift ideas


Nintendo has made a huge deal about Mario Day, which is today, March 10. But, we’re giving some of the spotlight to Wario, which he richly deserves in the face of being continuously snubbed by Nintendo (will he cameo in The Super Mario Bros. Movie? I’m not hopeful).

Listen, I’ll take any opportunity I can get to point people to Wariogon, Polygon’s very special collection of Wario essays, opinions, reviews, and more. But we’re actually adding another piece to it today with this collection of Wario goodies that fans might want — an act of rebellion to spite Mario on his big day. In true Wario fashion, some of these gift ideas are delightfully zany.

Still, you should check out our Mario Day posts, as we’ve rounded up several discounted Switch games, a new Super Mario Bros. Lego set, and other cool Mario toys, Legos, and merch. Wah!

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