Praise The Sun With This Cute Darks Souls Solaire of Astora Action Figure


Dark Souls might be living in the shadow of Elden Ring, but From Software’s legendary trilogy of tough action-RPGs still commands a legion of fans who have plenty of love for the series. If you happen to be one of those fans, or know of one, then you’ll want to cast your gaze at this collectible figurine that captures the heart of the trilogy and adapts it into an adorable piece of merchandise.

Solaire of Astora, the legendary warrior of sunlight hellbent on finding his own personal sun, lives once again thanks to First 4 Figures. This 4.3-inch action figure is available to preorder for $81 at Entertainment Earth. It captures the desperate warrior in all his sun-praising glory, and can strike several other poses as well. It also comes with plenty of extra parts:

Solaire of Astoria by First 4 Figures


  • Bonfire
  • Sunlight Maggot
  • Sunlight Talisman
  • Sunlight Straight Sword
  • Sunlight Shield
  • Sunlight Spear miracle
  • Full Estus Flask
  • Empty Estus Flask
  • Alternate leg part
  • Alternate hands
  • Display base

With all of that extra gear, you can easily recreate some of Solaire’s infamous scenes from Dark Souls, including his dedication for praising the sun above Lordran. Just make certain that you keep him out of actual sunlight, as exposure to our celestial orb in the sky isn’t great for the paint on these collectible figures. The Solaire figure is scheduled to release in November, but Dark Souls fans may want to order early in case it sells out.

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