Metroid Zero Mission May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch Online, Along With GBA Link


Nintendo Switch Online subscribers are always wondering what the next slate of retro games might look like, and it seems that the Japanese NSO might have given us a clue. According to Twitter user LuigiBlood, two screenshots from Metroid Zero Mission were left in the Metroid Fusion folder on the Japanese version of the Game Boy Advance emulator, and it raises a few questions.

For one thing, Metroid Zero Mission is not yet available on NSO in any territory, so this suggests that the game is likely coming to the service sooner rather than later. This isn’t exactly surprising, given that it’s one of the most beloved GBA games ever. However, the stranger news here is that the two screenshots detail how to use the GBA console’s link functionality. While we don’t have any word about that yet from Nintendo, this might mean that the NSO emulator might be able to replicate the real console’s link feature, which was an important part of games like Zero Mission and the Golden Sun series.

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It’s not clear if this will actually happen, but it would seem to be an obvious feature that Nintendo could add to the emulator, and it seems that the company has looked into it. Upcoming games on the GBA NSO service include Kirby & The Amazing Mirror, Fire Emblem, F-Zero Maximum Velocity, and Golden Sun.

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