Modern Warfare 2 players call for fan-favorite Black Ops 2 equipment to counter UAV spam


Modern Warfare 2 players are calling for the developers to bring back a classic piece of equipment from Black Ops 2 that could be extremely useful for countering enemies that spam UAVs.

With Season 2 Reloaded almost upon us, there is a plethora of brand-new content that Modern Warfare 2 players are looking forward to checking out, such as a new Raid as well as an additional Operator Skin for Captain Price.

While there are plenty of new additions coming to the Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 2 players are hoping that the developers also bring back a classic Black Ops 2 feature at some point.

Reddit user ‘Dmontssj12’ made a post in the Modern Warfare 2 subreddit, calling for the developers to bring back the Black Hat from Black Ops 2. This device allowed players to hack killstreaks and lethal equipment.

The Redditor added in the comments that they want to see something similar arrive in Modern Warfare 2 as Black Hat was extremely “useful.” They stated that they would use it to steal care packages while also hacking enemy UAVs.

If this device were to be added to Modern Warfare 2 then players would be able to use them to take control of their enemy’s UAVs. This would discourage enemies from spamming the surveillance streaks and change up the gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2’s Spotter Perk lets you spot equipment through walls and hack Claymores, but it can’t be used to hack killstreaks. One of the commenters called for the devs to add Black Hat as a “limited-use, tactical-slot hacking tool.”

A few users in the comments pointed out that using Black Hat along with the Engineer Perk would make it possible to steal care packages with ease during Modern Warfare 2 matches.

One player commented: “Since we’re about to hit BO2 in the timeline it really would be nice to have. I used it almost exclusively back in the day.” Another user reminisced about killing enemies after using Black Hat to hack Claymores and Bouncing Betty bombs in Black Ops 2.

Black Hat was used for hacking in Black Ops 2.

At the time of writing, it remains to be seen if Infinity Ward will listen to this feedback and bring back Black Hat in Modern Warfare 2. If they announce adding something similar to the game then we’ll be sure to let you know.

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