Kinect-Style Motion-Control Sensor Announced, Coming Late 2023


Nex is developing something similar to Kinect: a body motion-control sensor called Nex Playground. According to a press release, Nex Playground “sees your body movements,” and doesn’t require headsets, keyboards, or any other peripherals. It’s also not tied to a specific console like Kinect; Nex just needs to be plugged into your TV to work.

Nex Playground is not out yet, and a preorder date will be announced in June 2023. Nex plans to ship the first units during holiday 2023, so at the very earliest, people won’t be able to get their hands on the device until late this year.

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30 games will also accompany the device’s launch, as well as an Active Pass–a subscription that will give users access to all the games. From a glance at Nex’s product page, some of the games are Peppa Pig Jump and Giggle, a juggling game (Juglr), and Party Fowl. Party Fowl and a few other games for Nex Playground already exist as mobile games developed by Nex. The games mostly skew family-friendly, though we’ll have to wait for a full list of launch games to learn more.

Kinect was Microsoft’s attempt at a motion sensor, but specifically for the Xbox console. It also didn’t require peripherals and was launched in 2010. Microsoft announced it would discontinue Kinect in 2017, and ended Kinect’s adapter production in 2018–officially really killing the product. RIP to the Kinect, but its legacy does live on.

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