How Long To Beat Resident Evil 4 Remake


Resident Evil 4 will have you battling numerous hostiles, amassing countless treasures, solving tricky puzzles, and discovering new secrets. But you might be wondering just how much time you need to invest for a single clear. Here’s our guide to help you find out how long it takes to beat Resident Evil 4.

How long is Resident Evil 4?

Resident Evil 4 Remake adds a lot to the groundbreaking original game, but those who are just interested in the critical path can expect a playthrough of about 12 hours, roughly the same as the 2005 game’s runtime. With many optional side quests, collectibles, and upgrades to chase off the beaten path, however, a 100% playthrough could take considerably longer–closer 25 hours or more–while a playthrough that consists of the main story plus some but not all side content on Standard difficulty–the way most players will likely play–will come in around 15-20 hours.

Your runtime through Resident Evil 4 Remake depends on how often you stray from the main path.

Still, it’s worth noting that Resident Evil 4 also has challenges to keep players engaged. One of these, Sprinter, requires you to complete the game in eight hours. It’s fairly lenient for a speedrun, especially when you consider that you can unlock New Game Plus, as well as powerful bonus items, down the line. As such, a 15- to 20-hour run on your first attempt, at Standard difficulty, is perfectly fine. And, if you wish to rush through everything in subsequent playthroughs, maybe eight hours or less for the challenge, you can do just that.

Resident Evil 4 has more mechanics and secrets for you to discover. You can learn more in our guides hub.

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