Resident Evil 4 – Mural Cave Puzzle And Church Puzzle Guide


The Mural Cave is one of the locations in Resident Evil 4. You’ll stumble upon this area after beating the Del Lago boss, whereupon you’ll have to find a couple of important items. This will, eventually, lead you to the Church proper. Here’s our Resident Evil 4 Mural Cave Puzzle and Church Puzzle guide to help you complete this section of the campaign.

Resident Evil 4 Mural Cave Puzzle and Church Puzzle guide

As mentioned above, the Resident Evil 4 Mural Cave Puzzle is accessed once you’re done with the Del Lago encounter. This will take you to a pier where you have to run from a couple of enemy mobs. Soon, you’ll reach the Mural Cave. The shrine in the center has the key you need, but you still need to find two items. A nearby drawing on the cave wall will mark the two locations on your map.

Mural Cave and puzzle locations map

Location #1

Before you do anything else, return to the Dockyard, the one with the Merchant and the Shooting Gallery. You’ll want to do a manual save in case things go awry. Anyway, once you’re ready, head to the nearby location and dock at the pier. The gate is locked, so you’d have to circle around while battling numerous cursed villagers.

At the end of this cavern, you’ll see a locked room with a strange device. The idea here is to look at the yellow symbols on the walls and stalactites to see the correct ones that you need to press (they can be in any order). The symbols are the Dual Shell, Jellyfish, and Circle-Cross. These are our best approximations since they’re a bit hard to describe, but you can check the image below.

Quickly grab the Apostate’s Head from the altar and high-tail it back to the tier. Numerous mobs will spawn, so get back on the boat and head to the second location.

Location #1 puzzle symbols
Location #1 puzzle symbols

Location #2

This one is to the northeast, and is a fairly small area. You can climb to the top and check the symbols: Three Snakes, Smiling Jellyfish, and Biohazard (we told you these are just random descriptions).

Anyway, you should be able to climb down the ladder. You’ll find the Hexagon Piece C here, as well as the Blasphemer’s Head. Back up top, you can grab a Ruby, too.

Location #2 puzzle symbols
Location #2 puzzle symbols

Back to the Mural Cave and other things to do

Return to the Mural Cave and place the Apostate’s Head and Blasphemer’s Head (it doesn’t matter which hand they’re placed on). You’ll then complete the Resident Evil 4 Mural Cave Puzzle, which nets you the Church Insignia.

We know you’re eager to enter the Church, but there are a few things you might want to do first. That’s because the bridge leading back to the Quarry/Lake will collapse once you pass through, and you won’t be to come back to the lakeside areas.

  • Small dockyard – The dockyard that’s near the Merchant’s area (i.e., where you got your first boat) has the Hexagon Altar Puzzle, which you should be able to solve now that you have all pieces (presumably).
  • Shipwreck – The shipwreck in the middle of the lake has the Red9 handgun.
  • Chicken coop – Don’t forget to pick up the Gold Chicken Egg, too.
  • Quarry cliffside – At the very end of the river that leads to the south, you’ll find an opening that takes you to the cliffside below the Quarry bridge area. This has a couple of treasures, including a Wayshrine.
  • Lakeside Settlement – Finally, the Lakeside Settlement to the north has a few more treasures, as well as a request note. The gate can also be opened using the Insignia Key.
You might want to revisit some locations before you go back to the Church.
You might want to revisit some locations before you go back to the Church.

Church Puzzle

When you’re ready, head all the way back to the Church’s entrance. You’ll encounter a lot of enemies along the way, including the El Gigante boss (which we discuss in this separate guide). After finishing the battle and making it to the Church’s gate, you can place the Church Insignia to enter the building. Inside, you’ll find a Blue Dial, which can be placed on the pulpit after pulling the lever.

To solve the Resident Evil 4 Church Puzzle, all you need to do is rotate the dials to match the insignia’s pattern. We suggest rotating the Green Dial first, as it matches the center of the symbol. Then, you can just look at each gap/section for the two remaining dials to find a match.

Rotate the dials to fill in each gap with the correct segments.
Rotate the dials to fill in each gap with the correct segments.

When that’s done, head to the second floor where you’ll finally rescue Ashley. This concludes the chapter, which is then followed by an escort section. You can learn more in our Ashley survival tips guide.

Resident Evil 4 has more mechanics and secrets for you to discover. You can learn more in our guides hub.

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