Resident Evil 4 Remake The Mercenaries Mode Launches On April 7


Capcom revealed that the Resident Evil 4 remake’s The Mercenaries mode will be added as a free DLC update on April 7.

A launch trailer for the game was released, with only the release date of the extra mode shown at the end. No other details were shown. However, if it’s similar to the original Resident Evil 4’s version, it will involve players killing as many enemies as they can in an allotted time before the evacuation helicopter arrives.

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Resident Evil Village also had a Mercenaries mode where players went around different stages killing as many enemies as possible and building up a combo meter to achieve higher scores before moving on to the next challenge.

The original Resident Evil 4 had a few other additional modes as well, such as the extra story campaigns called “Separate Ways” and “Assignment Ada.” However, Capcom hasn’t confirmed whether or not these will be in the new Resident Evil 4 remake. Even without these, the remake already has the concurrent players on Steam in the franchise’s history so far.

In GameSpot’s Resident Evil 4 remake review, we said, “Capcom has masterfully created a new version of a beloved game and continues to blaze a trail with its Resident Evil remakes. Like the Resident Evil 2 remake before it, the studio has used advancements in technology and design to modernize an iconic survival-horror and action game by placing emphasis on capturing the spirit of the original, and respectfully evoking the same sense of atmosphere and tone that the original developers aspired to.”

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