Bungie knows it “missed the mark” with Destiny 2: Lightfall


Not every Destiny 2Destiny 2: Lightfall player was happy with the latest expansion, and Bungie has acknowledged it “missed the mark” in some places.

While Destiny 2: Lightfall was obviously a quite highly anticipated expansion for the online shooter, not every fan was happy with how things turned out. As noted in a new blog post from Bungie discussing the launch of Lightfall, the expansion still brought the “highest number of concurrent players in years,” despite all of the criticisms, and brought in more new, returning, and daily active users than last year’s The Witch Queen. However, in the same post, Bungie also acknowledged it “missed the mark on some of our goals and needed to make updates based on constructive feedback.”

In turn, Bungie will be making some adjustments to hopefully smooth things over, writing that it’s “refined the goals for seasonal resets. Players should be able to represent their accomplishments across a whole season, and those who’ve previously completed a Guardian Rank should be able to renew that rank quickly in the next season.”

Explaining how this will actually manifest in the game, the post said that when “starting a new season, your rank displayed to everyone will reflect your highest rank earned last season, and if you achieve a higher rank than you did last season, it will be your new displayed number.”

The game also had “the largest set of difficulty re-tuning the Destiny franchise has seen since The Taken King,” but some areas of the game became subjected to unintended behaviours because of this change, but a range of changes are being made to help with this as part of the Season 20 mid-season patch, which you can read the full details of in the blog post.

Despite all of its problems, our own Dom was still reminded of why they still love the game thanks to Lightfall’s latest hidden Exotic quest.

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