Dead by Daylight healing time brought back to normal after player feedback


After some feedback from Dead by Daylight players over a change that meant it took longer to heal, Behaviour Interactive has changed it back to the original length.

Before anything heads out on to the main Dead by Daylight servers, Behaviour Interactive typically tests things on the Public Test Build (PTB). The Tools of Torment Mid-Chapter recently arrived on the PTB, and it introduced a change that increased the base healing time from 16 seconds to 24 seconds, which quickly proved to be controversial. In a blog post, Behaviour noted that it knows changing something like this is “a very touchy subject, so we kept an extra close eye on this change to see how it would play out.”

“After reviewing player feedback, we found that many of you agreed that the speed which you heal others was already in a good spot prior to the update,” Behaviour continued. “This change also had knock-on effects elsewhere in the game, making effects like Mangled and Hemorrhage stronger and making ‘slugging’ (leaving Survivors in the dying state) even more effective. Therefore, we have reverted the base healing time to 16 seconds.”

One thing players did agree with was that Med-Kits were tuned down, though this was partially tweaked in mind with the healing changes, so further changes are being made. The thing that’s staying the same is that all Med-Kits have 24 charges, the same as what’s currently in the PTB. But now the healing speed bonus when healing others across all Med-Kits has increased: the camping aid kit by 35%, first aid kit by 40%, emergency kit by 45%, and ranger kit by 50%.

However, all Med-Kits will have a 33% speed and efficiency penalty if you use them for self healing. “This will reduce the number of times a Med-Kit can be used to heal yourself and make it take longer to do so. This means that a Med-Kit will by default grant one self heal over the span of 24 seconds (before factoring in Add-ons).” So essentially, for self healing things are nerfed slightly, but buffed for healing others. A range of tweaks have also been made to Med-Kit Add-ons, which you can read the details of in the blog.

Elsewhere in the world of Dead by Daylight, a film adaptation is in the works from Atomic Monster and Blumhouse.

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