Grab A 2TB PS5 SSD For One Of The Best Prices Ever


One of the key features of the PlayStation 5 console is its lightning-quick solid-state drive, a quantum leap over the regular hard drive that was installed in its predecessor. While the SSD speeds up loading screens and makes hopping back into certain titles almost instantaneous, it’s not too hard to fill up the 667GB of usable storage space. Thankfully, PlayStation included an open M.2 slot for users to expand their drives. And right now, you can grab a 2TB SSD for one of the best prices we’ve seen.

Over on Amazon, the Crucial P5 Plus NVMe M.2 is discounted to just $131. This version includes a heatsink so that the SSD can handle high stress and temperatures, and it has been engineered for PC and PS5 gamers particularly. Considering it’s not uncommon to pay around this price for just 1TB, this is an excellent deal.

With two terabytes of space of additional space, you’ll be able to keep a lot more games installed on your PS5. The P5 Plus without a heatsink will cost you $120 in case the version above is sold out, and you can install a heatsink onto it by purchasing that separately for $11

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB with heatsink

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB without heatsink

Installing an SSD into a PS5 is relatively easy: All you’ll need to do is pop off the outside panel of the PS5–or the right side panel on the digital edition PS5 console–remove some screws, adjust the drive spacer, and then plug your SSD in. Reassemble your PS5 console, and you’ll now have expanded storage capacity.

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