The Mainline Legend Of Zelda Games, Ranked From Worst To Best


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It’s hard to talk about Breath of the Wild as this greatly influential moment in The Legend of Zelda’s lifetime when we’re still living in its world right now. Tears of the Kingdom is only a few weeks away, and while it will no doubt build off what Nintendo accomplished in 2017, Breath of the Wild has been a fulcrum point for the open-world genre ever since it launched alongside the Switch. Every developer has been trying to capture the same lightning in a bottle Nintendo did in terms of integrating deep systems that make its world feel alive rather than just a map with icons to clear. At a point in time where most AAA games are trying to be these massive, life-sucking, open-world time wasters because Skyrim tricked people into thinking bigger is always better, Breath of the Wild stands as a testament to open-world design being more than simply filling a map with stuff to do.

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There’s a craft to how Nintendo has expanded Hyrule into a living world that most studios seem to only understand on a superficial level, and I hope Tears of the Kingdom puts the entire trend to shame once more when it launches on May 12.

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