Frey is out to save Athia once more in this Forspoken DLC gameplay trailer


Square Enix and Luminous Productions have released a video showing off the first DLC for Forspoken, In Tanta We Trust.

Set to release on May 26, the DLC takes place 25 years before the events of Forspoken. In her search for a way to eradicate the Break from Athia, Frey finds herself following a mysterious voice that leads her to a place where she is transported to the Purge of the Rheddig.

Here’s your first look at the upcoming Forspoken DLC, In Tanta We Trust.

Surrounded by chaos, destruction, injured, and draped in blood-soaked clothing, Frey finds the recently thriving Athia at war. Accompanied by Tanta Cinta, and a new set of magic, Frey must uncover the answers and save Athia once more – and attempt to save herself.

Alongside her newfound magical abilities, Frey will unlock new combat strategies and coordinate attack combos against the invading Rheddig forces. She will also come across new, vertically-designed environments allowing her to use her magic-enhanced parkour skills.

Like the game, the DLC will be available for PC and PS5, and if you purchased the Digital Deluxe edition of Forspoken, you get early access to the story DLC on May 23. Those who own the standard main game can purchase the DLC separately.

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