Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores patch comes to the rescue by fixing a major progression bug


Guerrilla Games has released a rather large patch for Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores, and it contains a highly-requested big fix.

The bug in question would stop progression cold, as it would not allow you to follow Seyka into the tower during the main questline, To the Burning Shores. The objective has now been fixed, so feel free to follow her. Four other issues with this main questline are also no longer going to plague you.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores – Launch Trailer for PS5

Elsewhere, an issue stopping you from completing the side objective Aerial Capture: North has been addressed, and four different problems with the His Final Act quest are now fixed.

Upcoming fixes will address the For His Amusement main quest. According to the developer, players have reported that the game objective, Investigate the Armory, cannot be advanced if restarted from a save while working on the quest. Another issue with the questline is Seyka may not open the door when scanning the datapoint Access Control after examining the three clues during the Investigate the Armory objective.

Other known issues Guerrilla is looking into include enemies getting stuck in the walls during the In His Wake quest, making it impossible to progress through the objective. It is also aware of an issue where players cannot collect a specific figurine if they leave the area after opening the trunk where it is located.

The patch covers quite a bit more than what we’ve discussed here, so you will want to look over the full patch notes through the game’s official Reddit.

The PS5 exclusive was released on April 19.

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