Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 game gets Free Comic Book Day prequel comic


Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 won’t be out until late 2023, but developer Insomniac Games is teaming up with Marvel Comics on a comic book prequel to the upcoming release — and it’s gonna be free.

The aptly named Spider-Man 2 #1 is written by Christos Gage (Marvel’s Spider-Man) and artist Ig Guara (Captain America: Symbol of Truth), and will feature the Insomniac debut of the Hood, a two-bit criminal who happened upon a demonic ritual taking place in an NYC warehouse (tale as old as time, honestly) and wound up with a sinister magic cloak that gives him various supernatural abilities. (And also lets him do cool magic stuff when he fires guns.)

But really, according to a PlayStation Blog post, the comic is about all the stuff Peter, Miles, and MJ have been up to since the close of Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

“What is Pete up to now that there are two Spider-Men in the city?” says the post, “How is Miles doing in school? And how is MJ’s journalism career going? In this story, their lives collide as Peter, Miles, and MJ attempt to balance their responsibilities to the city, and each other. They keep coming back to one of the main themes of the comic: is magic real? Because in this action-packed issue, a beloved Super Villain makes their first appearance in our universe and appears to have supernatural abilities that defy mere webs and fists: none other than The Hood!”

Spider-Man 2 #1 will be available at participating comic shops on this Saturday’s Free Comic Book Day, and digital copies will also be available free on and the Marvel Unlimited app. Check out the full cover below:

Image: Marvel Comics

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