Prehistoric Planet 2 trailer reveals new dinosaur stars of Apple series


Apple TV Plus’ landmark natural history series Prehistoric Planet returns for its second season later this month, and a fresh trailer offers a look at some of the new species of dinosaurs that will make their debuts in this next batch of episodes.

The star of the show may well be the mighty Quetzalcoatlus, a giant pterosaur about the size of a light aircraft that’s believed to be the largest flying creature Earth has ever seen. Named after the Aztec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl, a pair of Quetzalcoatlus are seen in the trailer facing off against a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Exciting!

Viewers will also meet the Isisaurus, a long-necked sauropod that lived in an extreme volcanic region of what would eventually become India, and the Pectinodon, a bird-like predator from North America. According to the press release, the show will also feature early mammals, lizards, and snakes that lived alongside dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period — including the incredibly named Beelzebufo, a giant frog from Madagascar with a bite as powerful as a tiger’s.

Prehistoric Planet’s imagined documentary style, featuring CGI dinosaurs, pays tribute to the classic 1999 BBC and Discovery series Walking With Dinosaurs. It’s a collaboration between Apple and the BBC Studios Natural History Unit, the famed production team behind Planet Earth. Like that show, it’s narrated by official British national treasure Sir David Attenborough, who at the age of 96 — 96! — has just released his final on-location documentary series, Wild Isles, in the U.K.

Prehistoric Planet 2, like its predecessor, will be released as a five-day event with a new episode each day. It premieres on Apple TV Plus on May 22.

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