8BitDo’s New Super-Affordable PC Controller Is Available To Preorder Now


8Bitdo just launched preorders for a new version of its excellent Ultimate controller, the Ultimate C. The 8BitDo Ultimate C is a simpler and more affordable model than the original 8BitDo Ultimate (which happens to be one of our favorite third-party controllers for PC and Nintendo Switch, by the way), and it comes in two versions: a wireless model for $30 and a wired model for $20. Both Ultimate C controllers are available for preorder at Amazon in either lilac purple or field green color options.

8BitDo Ultimate C

The Ultimate C is quite a bit cheaper than the 8BitDo Ultimate’s $70 Bluetooth and $50 2.4GHz models, but the lower price points come with a few tradeoffs. Most importantly, the Ultimate C does not support layout customization in 8BitDo’s Ultimate Software and lacks the extra back paddles of the 8BitDo Ultimate. The wireless version also does not ship with the charging dock–though you can still easily charge the Ultimate C with a USB C cable.

However, aside from those concessions, the rest of the Ultimate C’s features are identical to the main Ultimate Controller, including the same design and button layout, rumble support on Windows, turbo button, and analog triggers. Both versions support PC, Steam Deck, and mobile (consoles like the Nintendo Switch are not supported). The wireless model uses a 2.4GHz wireless connection via an included USB dongle and features up to 25 hours of battery life.

Due to the pared-down features, the Ultimate C certainly won’t be for all 8BitDo fans or PC players in general. That said, it’s a super affordable way to grab one of the best controllers available for PC–especially if you don’t need the extra features like back paddles, input customization, or Switch support.

The 8BitDo Ultimate C releases on May 31.

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